Tropical Fruit Basket - A Gift to Say You Care

Have you ever wondered what you should give you a friend to let her know you're thinking of her after a time of crisis?  Not that anything could customize the upshot of her problem, but merely a little permit her know you care.  I found a simple yet healthy method of doing that.

My girlfriend was recently clinically determined to have cancer of the breast.  Her symptoms developed quickly, so this diagnosis came as quite a shock to her.  Of course, facing this medical crisis was very frightening on her, although the prognosis was encouraging using the treatment.  Even so, she became depressed and worried.

Wanting to behave to cheer her and to just illustrate I was considering her with this tough time in her own life, I decided for you my girlfriend a Tropical Fruit Basket.  I, myself, was recently the person receiving an attractive fruit basket.  In the basket I received, the seasonably ripe fruit was displayed on a round serving tray which can be used continuously.  The crisp apples, juicy pears, and fragrant oranges were a delicious treat that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I found out that there are numerous choices involved in selecting fruit baskets, from containers holding the fruit to filler items which personalize the gift for the actual sorts of fruit, itself.  Containers can vary from simple boxes with colorful wrappings to useful serving platters to elegant wicker baskets.  Fillers incorporate little wrapped hard candies, foil-covered wedges of cheese, a box of cookies, or possibly a wine bottle.

Of the many choices in selecting the level of fruit basket to deliver my friend, I was excited to choose a Tropical Fruit Basket.  We have vacationed together in tropical locations and both enjoy the images of palm trees, balmy ocean breezes, vibrant colors, plus a relaxing carefree lifestyle that thinking "tropics" produces in mind.  This was an extremely appropriate theme to lift my girlfriend's spirits.

The Tropical Fruit Basket I sent was presented inside a beautiful white wicker basket with a large, bright yellow hand-tied bow.  It was filled with beautiful tropical fruit: a centrally-placed pineapple in the middle of oranges, tangerines, bananas, and kiwi.   There was also an assortment of hard lemon and lime candies my girlfriend could savor when her stomach was feeling a bit queasy from her treatments.  I also included an individual note card having a photo of your beautiful sunset on the turquoise sea and palm trees lining the white sandy beach.

My girlfriend was very grateful for receiving this type of beautiful, nutritious gift.  The selection of fresh tropical fruits attracted her appetite, helping her to maintain her strength.  Sending the Tropical Fruit Basket gift for her was the perfect way to remind my girlfriend simply how much I care.  Receiving it brightened her mood generating her day!